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FincaConchita Prices
Yojoa Lake, Honduras, Central America
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You can buy ready to move-in homes or a land lot
to build your own design
This House on your left has a $ 48,000 Pricetag on It, it's new, and has been designed to display  a gorgeous view to the lake on every window, has two bedrooms, patio, kitchen, two bathrooms, lobby, and comes with 2 thousand square varas of land, you can purchase more if you need it.
The price of the land per square vara is $13.00
Please contact us
A snapshot of the lobby/ comedor area, finishings are in hardwoods and fine materials.

Pick your spot, but do it soon because they wont last, every one has a magnificcent view and a price only $ 13.00 per square vara??!!
Please contact us